Being in charge with the two kinds of lives.

Controlling the Unconscious Life or the Night Time Life.
For any man to be able to control his night life, he must be ready to activate his inner man. The big question is how can I be able to activate my inner man? Activation of the inner man can only be done by praying. If you need to activate your inner man you have it in mind that have to have a very close relationship with God. You cannot tell yourself “I must activate my inner man” when you are living a life of sin. God who made the heavens and the earth would not grant you access because you are not living a righteous life. For the fact that everything about God is holy and pure then you yourself must be holy and pure. For you to be able to activate your inner man through prayer your must connect with the Holy Spirit. 

Every man can have a connection with the Holy Spirit but all depends on you. If you can be able to get connected to the Holy Spirit i.e. establishing a relationship through prayers to the higher God. Then you should have it in mind that your inner man has been activated and can now have access to the conscious or night time life.

Sometimes, we wonder “how is it possible that Mr. A is so perfect in his business that he hardly, makes great losses?” the reason for this is because he has found out the secret of accessing his night life time. Whenever a person has access to his night life time that person begins to understand why so many things are happening to him. He begins to know what will happen in the future and for that reason he hardly has any loss in his business. The bible tells us that for lack of knowledge my people perish or that where there is no vision the people perish. If you want to succeed and not perish then you have to have knowledge. This knowledge can only come when you have a good relationship with the Holy Spirit because every good thing that lasts comes from God.

Someone might be able to have access to his night time life but might not be able to control his life time. For any man to have full control in his night life time then he must stay for longer hours with the holy spirit in prayers which means it just the kind of prayers where we just sing three or four song then we begin to say “Father, we thank for the night and all the good things you have done for us, we ask you lord to take care of us even as we go out in Jesus name, amen.” It has to be more than that we have to sit down and thank God for all the good things he has done for us, call him sweet names and sing his praises. In fact you have to sing and pray to God until your head begins to swell which shows that the Holy Spirit is praying with you or he is fellow-shipping with you. Until you begin to pray like this then you might not be able to control your night life time.

Some might be wondering, what does it mean to control the night life time? What I mean by controlling your night life time is that when you are dreaming you will feel like your normal self in the day time that is in your conscious life. This means that if you are attacked in the dream you will be able to act like you are not dreaming and you will even be able to do better than you would have done in your night life time that would be because the power of the Holy Spirit is with you.

If you really want to be in control of your night life time then you would have to do all I have written above.      


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