The Two Lives of a Human Being


Most humans have not come to realise the fact that they two lives on earth because if they do they will know that they are in control of every thing that happens to them.Everyday in life we hear of people who have one issue or the other either spiritual or physical. But even physical can be affected by the spiritual. If you can not be in control of your spiritual then have in mind that you can be in control of your physical.

The two lives that we humans live on this earth are:
  • conscious or day time life and 
  • unconscious or night time life.
The conscious life, is the life we live in the day time, it is a life we are very much aware of in the sense that we know what we are doing. Everybody in this type of life either has one occupation or the other. it is a place where we experience joy, sadness, success, all the good things of life and the bad things. in this type of life we all have a goal to achieve one thing or the other.

The unconscious life or the night time life is a life in which we are not conscious of because during this time we are asleep and don't understand what is happening to us. That does not mean that there are not people who understand the second part of their life. i would be enlightening you on what happens in the night time life.

In the night time life we are unconscious and most of the times can not be able  to do any thing at all because its like a movie that being watched where everything has been acted. In this type of live we watch what we have done in the past or what will be taking place in the future.The knowledge of how to be conscious in this unconscious in this life can sometimes help us to achieve a lot.

To some people they would find it difficult to believe this. if you belong to this category then what would you say of the scripture in genesis1:1-5, when God created the day and the night. and in Genesis1:16, when God made the greater light and lesser light to rule in the day and night respectively. Now, the question i ask is why did he create two lights? the answer is simple, he did it because he knew that we needed the both light for us to see in the both type of lives that we live because he knows that he created two lives for us to live while we are on earth.

God created the night time life because He wants us to be aware of what is happening to us in our day time life. The bible tells us that my people perish because of knowledge. 


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