Overcoming The Pit

Just a Step.

All it takes for a man to backslide is just one step. People make the mistake of thinking that it is only when you have found yourself in the pit that you have fallen. When there is a drop in standard in a product by even 0.01 percent such product is seen as inferior. The same applies to Christianity. If there is a drop in your way of life then it is obvious your backsliding has started.  As a Christian, you ought to take a step every day, and if you don’t,  for a single day , then you have backslidden. In Christianity, staying at the same place daily is not allowed. Even Christ said “we shall do greater works.” So moving forward is compulsory. If you are supposed to take ten steps a week and you take eight steps because you stayed at the same spot twice that week. Then you have backslidden. This should be your mindset in everything that you do.
Be a progressive Christian.

Conceived in the mind.

For every one who backslides there has been a THOUGHT – PROCESS (it has been processed in the mind) knowingly or unknowingly. Before a man commits fornication, he has already accepted fornication in his mind. Even if, he tells himself, “I won’t have pre-marital sex”. He might be saying it but his mind has not fully accepted it. It is part of the reasons that he might even see himself having sex in his dreams or making flirty advances to a lady in his dream. Every action taken in life starts from the mind. The moment the mind has conceived it, it becomes a reality. Before a man falls into a pit, he must take steps to get to the mouth of the pit. But it takes only one step to fall into the pit.
“Watch your steps, because it will lead to the last step,
The last step will always lead to the pit.”

Overcoming  Backsliding.
You can overcome backsliding by telling yourself the truth about your attitude. When you notice that you have begun to reduce your standard, ask yourself “why?”, “when?”, “and “what caused it?” Retrace your steps by restructuring your mind on the things to accept and the things to reject. Speak to yourself repeatedly ABOUT WHO YOU ARE, WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING, WHAT YOU ARE NOT AND WHAT YOU SHOULD NEVER DO (the words we speak are spirit and life). You say those words slowly until your mind is overwhelmed with them and you are totally renewed in accordance to your purpose.
Never tell yourself later, for later maybe too late.  Always work on your mind the moment you notice a negative change.
 Saying the word is not sufficient, but taking the action. The word only energizes you to carry out the action. But the action must be done by your will resident in you. Always trust God to give the power to do his will.


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