Starting the Vision.

Everyone is created for a purpose and is meant to fulfill his or her destiny. But destiny can't be fulfilled without a vision. Without a vision, you will perish. When a thing is a created, the vision or the purpose of that creation is best known by the creator, hence every man who wants to leave a fulfilled life must go to his creator.

One problem that I have seen amongst those who want to start a vision, is not knowing what their vision fully entails. So along the way the get the vision of others mixed up with theirs and hence, they become confused visioners. Visions can grow and expand but that happens as you progress.

Galatians 1:16
to reveal his Son (the vision) to me so that I would proclaim the Good News about Jesus to the Gentiles.When this happened, I did not rush out to CONSULT with any HUMAN BEING.

When you get a vision especially as a spiritual leader, don't rush out and begin to consult with people, first consult with God and see what he has to say.  Write down everything he says to you. Be patient and get them all. Don't act out of assumptions. Ask questions like "What do you want me to do? How do you want me to do it? What do I need to know? Where do I start this vision? Who are my audience or target market? Where will this vision lead me to? He might not give you everything in full, but trust me you will get tangible information to start. They are many more questions, you could ask but these will help you start effectively."

Don't run to "Men of God" when starting a spiritual vision, run to God and get your facts, lest your vision might get polluted with doctrines God has no interest in, for what he has given to you. Men will ruin your vision faster than you think. Some, will even want to bring in their own vision into yours so that they can make profit through you.

Sit back and study all the information, that you have. Paste them in front of your mirror on your phone or on anything that you look at, on a daily or weekly basis so that it will be embedded in your subconscious and you will begin to live out your vision without you even knowing. Look at them till they become your words, your conversation and your life, till your friends know that this vision is you. Try doing this for six months. (But don't ever stop looking at it, six months is only a minimum). This is to help YOUR VISION become YOU. You can then begin to study in line with what you know, so you don't go off track, and lose focus.

When you have gotten the necessary information, sit down and begin to study about your vision, look at books pertaining to what you are about to do, if it is not something new. Look at people stories of successes and failures and ask you yourself how you what to stand out and be different. "DONT IMITATE ANYBODY BECAUSE YOU WILL FAIL, YOU WERE MADE UNIQUE AND SHOULD NEVER IMITATE ANYBODY. If you are starting something NEW, ensure you look for something or someone who did something a bit related to what you are about to do. If there is none, trust God and follow him,  he never fails. Seeking God's help or guidance on books to read is just something you cant do without, so utilize it.

Galatians 1:18
Then THREE YEARS LATER, I went to Jerusalem to get to know PETER (WHO HAD BEEN IN THE BUSINESS BEFORE HIM), and I stayed with him for FIFTEEN DAYS.

Your vision ought to have become a part and parcel of you, if you have been dilligent in following the steps above. You can now meet with anyone who you know has a related vision as yours and talk to him about it. Learn from his experience, but don't make his experience your own experience instead make yours better than his experience, that is growth. Ask him how to overcome the hurdles that you are likely to face. And find out how humans will respond to your vision and what you should do to keep your audience or target market. But ensure that your vision is not looked down upon. And even if it is, just keep calm, smile and say nothing  and when he is done, leave him, if he refuses to accept your vision after you have tried convincing him.

Use the current technology or modern way of getting things done to propagate your vision, lest you will be LEFT BEHIND WITH YOUR GOOD VISION.

Don't make the mistakes of looking for cartels or those who you feel have made it, to launch your vision because they will run you dry, unless it happens to be somebody who you know very well and who sees you as family. Sometimes, they come in the skin of mentors, but the truth is, they will stop you creativity and fill you with their own ideas. They will not give you the opportunity to grow more than them. Their interest is on multiplying their chain of business through you.

Practice all you have learnt and let people see your works. The vision will speak for itself when people begin to see excellence. Never compare your vision with others because it will fail. Your vision is unique to you. Someone might deviate from his vision and still be raking in income, (does not mean his vision is flourishing).


When you have begun to make impact based on your vision people will begin to publicize your vision when they begin to sing praises. People will thank God because of what he has done through you.

Utilize your past to make your vision known. Never let the devil make you feel that the things you have done in the past can't be forgiven or forgotten by God. It is a big error. Tell the world that your vision is a direct opposite of what you life WAS because your vision is a solution that the world is looking for. It might not be your past, but someone else. Share your testimonies and let the world see reasons to keep praising God.

Live your vision.
Your vision is the light at the end of the tunnel.


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