(How I got the Job)
If you can get anyone's ATTENTION, you can cause him to ACT towards you positively. Especially when GRACE IS ON YOUR SIDE.
I had written an exam for a job, and had been called for the second phase. This was an exam, that I had arrived late because of late information. Nevertheless, I finished my paper and left on time without issues.

On the day of the interview, politics began playing out, and I never knew. I was only told that I should go home that we were many, and they would not be able to attend to all of us.  Well, ONLY LADIES, were selected. Innocent me, went back home, hoping that I will come the next day for the second phase, even thanking God, so that I will have the opportunity of going to read up a few things, since I had seen the questions for the second phase before it was taken from me.

I was called back to the company in the evening between 5:00pm-6:30pm. On getting there, I had to wait and funny enough, I was not even in the dress code for the interview because I was called from the home of a child, whom I tutored at home.
It was there that I learnt that some persons had been selected from the 2nd phase of the interview. I was a bit shocked, since I had not written the second phase of the exams. But I was later called in see the Director of the company. He was the final determinant of who was to get the job.

Every other person had two results to show, but for me, I had only one, so my total grade would likely not have been up to theirs.
The Director asked the examiner for my grade and he was told that I did not write the second phase of the exams. He began questioning me on how I was going to handle customers and pressure and I answered him in the best way that I could. The job was actually customer service oriented,  since I was applying for the position of a "Receptionist "

The interesting part of the interview came when I had to convince him of the things I had been saying. (I would be paraphrasing).
Director: "How can you make my customer happy."
Me: Sir, I have a smiling face, and as much they keep looking at me, THEY will just have to smile. As a matter of fact, Sir, I have kept your examiner smiling.

And guess what... The examiner was actually smiling and he even affirmed it and said, "Sir, it is true. He has been smiling since he came."

I could see the Director grin a little.

The next day, I got a text, to resume work. Only two of us were selected.
I beat some of persons to the position without any experience, (which some of them had), and without even writing the second phase of the exams. And I was not even a LADY because I later found out they were more interested in having ladies as their receptionist.
I got the Director's ATTENTION,  and made him to ACT in my favour.


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