"Matthew if God does not answer me by sending me a rich Jew, i dont know where i will get $4000." Luke said
"Have u prayed?"Matthew answered.
Yes, i have.
5hrs later..
A Samaritan man knocks on the door. Luke answers the door. And seeing its a Samaritan who looks dirty, he answers him harshly.
"Yes how can i help you? "
"can you give me a drink of water?", the Samaritan replied.

"No, Samaritans have no dealing with us. I'm sorry, i cant help you.
At night, Luke begins to pray to God about the money and God reminds him of the Samaritan, he sent to give him the money.
He said, "Lord, he asked for water."
"He was sent to give you the money, after drinking the water but you rejected him bcos of your PATTERNS AND TRADITION. The only way you will be able to get the money, is to work for it", the Lord replied.

The same thing happens when God decide to bless us. We miss it because of how we think or based on what we have known. When God tells a church that he wants to minister to them in a different way, they doubt its God because they have been used to a pattern for 20yrs and hence,  are not willing to change.  So they miss out of God blessings.
Desire the gift of discernment and be sensitive.
In the time of Jesus, the Jews rejected  him because of his doctrine was new from what they knew. And Christ says Greater works will u do.
Answers to your prayer could be found in service to humanity. Treat everyone equally.
God loves
Kinghenzy cares


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